Thanh Cong Medical Clinic
Thanh Cong Medical Clinic

"Professional - Dedicated - Thoughtful" is the motto of Thanh Cong Medical Clinic. Accompanying with a team of experienced doctors, professional and dedicated nursing staff.

Odonto-Maxillo-Facial Department at Thanh Cong Medical Clinic:

  • Stylish design.
  • Modern equipment such as: Dental chair, X Ray Machine, Medical equipments...
  • Equipped with an Absolute Sterility system.
  • Equipped with a Tool Storage cabinets by Ultraviolet Ray

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To serve, support and treatment of oral diseases for patients, Thanh Cong Medical Clinic would like to introduce Specialist Dental Services as follows:

  • Examination and treatment oral diseases for adults and children.
  • Examination and treatment gingivitis and periodontal diseases.
  • Examination and treatment Oral mucositis diseases.
  • Examination and treatment Dental caries.
  • Examination and treatment Endodontic root canal treatment.
  • Extraction tooth for adults and children.
  • Fillings the grooves in children's permanent teeth to prevent Dental caries.
  • Aesthetic dental fillings by Composite material with Halogen lamp.
  • Scraping tartar with Ultrasonic scaler.
  • Teeth whitening.
  • Restoration removable dentures: regular plastic dentures, flexible plastic dentures, frame dentures.
  • Restoration Fixed dentures: include all kind of porcelain teeth such as metal porcelain, titanium porcelain, porcelain.
  • Counseling on Oral and Maxillofacial pathology.
  • Counseling on molars deviation such as Underbite, Overbite...
  • Counseling cases of wisdom teeth that deviate, Impacted teeth,...
  • Counseling about Implant

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(In particular, patients with health insurance cards are entitled to full benefits when they are examining and treating at Thanh Cong Medical Clinic for all specialists).

Operational objectives:

  • Provide all kind of care and treatment dental services.
  • Bring the best treatment for patients’ health.
  • The team of professional doctors brings the ethical value, health as well as the comfort for patients
  • Ensure maximum benefits for patients

If you have problems about Oral and Maxillofacial pathology, please come to the Thanh Cong Medical Clinic or call the customer service center: (028) 3815 9435.

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