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Thanh Cong Medical Clinic

Many people think that ear, nose and throat disease is a minor ailment that does not require medical treatment. But in fact, Ear - Nose - Throat (ENT) problems can lead to dangerous disease that affect people’s health

Ear - Nose - Throat Department of Thanh Cong Medical Clinic with modern endoscopy machines and a team of experienced doctors will meet all patients’ medical needs.

ENT endoscopy allows doctor observes all the corners in the nasal passages, ears, throat and larynx, which will help in early diagnosis of ENT related diseases, and save more time than normal methods.

ENT Department provides comprehensive services as below:

  • Otolaryngoscopy: In order to bring the highest benefit and the most comfortable for patients, as well as saving cost and time of treatment. The Clinic provides ENT endoscopy with international standards. “Clean environment - e – Sterile Equipment – Painless Procedures – Accurate Diagnosis - Effective Treatment”.
  • Detecting and removing foreign objects in the ears, nose, and throat.
  • Screening, detecting of ear, nose, throat and larynx diseases, especial early diagnosis of ENT cancer.
  • Examination and treatment of ENT diseases in adults and children.

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Diseases of ears:

  • Otitis external.
  • Acute and chronic otitis media.
  • Ear injury, ruptured eardrum, tinnitus, hearing loss.

Diseases of nose and sinuses:

  • Rhinosinusitis
  • Nasal polyps.
  • Nose bleeds, nasal bone fracture, nasal septum deviation, swollen nasal concha.

Diseases of throat:

  • Tonsillitis
  • Adenoiditis
  • Nasopharyngitis, nasopharyngitis cancer, hypopharyngeal diseases.

Diseased of larynx:

  • Vocal cord nodules.
  • Vocal cord polyps.
  • Vocal cord cyst, laryngeal papillomatosis, Reinke's edema, subglottic.


  • Deafness screening, performing tympanometry and acoustic reflex measurement to detect what kind of hearing loss: Conductive, Sensorineural, or Mixed hearing loss (due to age, work…).

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(In particular, patients with health insurance cards are entitled to full benefits when they are examining and treating at Thanh Cong Medical Clinic for all specialists).

Our medical team includes:

  • Experienced and professional doctors and nurses.
  • Using high quality materials.
  • Providing services in the best environmental conditions and ensuring privacy policy for customer.

If you have ENT problems, please come to Thanh Cong Medical Clinic or call the customer service center  (028) 3815 9435 to be supported promptly.

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