Thanh Cong Medical Clinic
Thanh Cong Medical Clinic

The contest "I am talented - I own the company" in 2018 is an internal activity to welcome the 64th Appreciation of Vietnamese Doctor's Day (February 27, 1955 - February 27, 2019). The competition starts from November 1, 2018 - February 27, 2019, has attracted 22 topics participating in the competition from all departments, including professional and back-office departments.

 The competition has found many creative ideas that contribute to the general development of the Clinic. In addition, many outstanding person have been discovered for fostering, developing, and building a workforce succession for the Company in the future. At the end of the competition, the organizer has given 13 Encourage Prizes, 4 Consolation Prizes, and 1 Vision Prize.

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The topic "Training professional knowledge for annual health check-up sale staff" of Doctor Ton That Thanh Long has excellently passed 22 topics and 3 rounds to win the highest prize of the contest.

The award-winning topics will continue into application stage and be implemented within 6 months under the direct support and evaluation of the Board of Directors.

Hopefully through the contest, the authors of the topic had interesting experiences for themselves and encourage creative spirit, problem solving thinking, contributed to bring customers the best service, and improved customer experience.

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